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    The Men of Luxxxe Studio: Dakota Payne, Brian Bonds, Justin Yurmouth, and JD Daniels

    19 DEC 2023 · For our December fan chat, Fleshbot celebrates and explores independent porn-making with the men of and the hit Friends in Heat series –,,, and Luxxxe CEO, hot off the Season 2 finale of Friends in Heat. We are bound to have a steamy and fascinating conversation about the gay porn industry from our cast’s perspectives. For those of us who are old enough to remember, the gay porn of the '80s and '90s was full of storylines and over-the-top presentation that we just loved. An homage to porn of that time, independent player has recently released Season 2 of the soap opera drama meets fuck fest, Friends In streaming on and AEBN. The series features a bevy of veterans and new faces, as they play a variety of characters that make up the drama. Luxxxe Studios Founder JD Daniels describes it “Friends in Heat gives you of a Dynasty sort of feel throughout the series, which involves the rich and powerful who can get anything they want, but in such sinful circumstances." The graphics and shooting style reflect the era in a fun and sexy way. We love it! Presented by Fleshbot
    1h 12m 20s
  • Explicit

    X-Rated: LA's Dante Colle and Porn Newbie Dakota Wonders

    5 DEC 2023 · Miss out on the latest Fleshbot Live chat? No worries, we got you. Fleshbot Live returned for our monthly live chat with porn's hotties international award winner and star of, bad boy and porn newbie and this November's Cybersocket Stud This sexy duo really opened up...and shared so much about themselves with Fleshbot Director Alexander and the fans. Special appearance by Dante Colle's thick thigh! In this episode, our porn studs Dante Colle and Dakota Payne spill all the tea about their experiences in the adult industry, Dante being a veteran and Dakota being fairly new to the industry. Dante chats about the differences between performers in New York City and Los Angeles, and both engage in a chat about the impact of social media and OnlyFans on the industry, and the challenges faced by performers when exploring different genres or sexualities. The conversation also touches on the evolving nature of the industry and the criticisms faced by performers.We also discuss the hot topic of straight performers in gay porn, the market for gay-for-pay content, and the stigma faced by performers transitioning between genres. We also get the 411 on the challenges of dating and having sex off-camera. Dante shares his belief that straight performers can engage in gay scenes to support the LGBTQ+ community.Dante talks about his decision to participate in reality TV and his experience filming X-Rated: LA. We also talk about social media can help make a porn star a big name in a quick time, if used properly. Dante shares his thoughts on being labeled as a "gay for pay" performer and the reactions he receives from fans. We move on to talk about the future of the industry and the possibility of Dante getting involved in directing or producing. Show Chapters: 00:29 - Dante's reality TV journey 11:30 - Evolution of the porn industry 21:25 - Dante's versatility and identity 26:41 - Navigating labels and fantasies 32:31 - Challenging stereotypes in porn 39:13 - Impact of porn on personal life 44:14 - Unfulfilled sexual fantasies 50:33 - Future of Dante's career
    59m 39s
  • Explicit

    Carnal Exclusives Noah White & Eddie Patrick Flirt Up A Storm!

    7 NOV 2023 · Let's just get it out of the way: if you missed the latest Fleshbot Live chat, you missed out. Fleshbot Live returned for our monthly live chat with two Carnal Media Exclusives that make our dick leak and our hearts sing, Noah White and Eddie Patrick. This sexy duo (who also both happen to be 2023 Fleshbot Award nominees!) really opened up...and shared so much about themselves with Fleshbot Director Alexander and the fans. As Noah White and Eddie Patrick got comfortable, they told us about so many aspects of their lives. For example, both Noah and Eddie have twin brothers who do not do porn (one is actually straight) so there's that crazy connection. The guys shared each of their stories of how they were discovered in gay porn. Noah submitted with an eager friend and then Noah was chosen and the friend wasn't. For Eddie, his Twitter video of him getting DP'ed was so hot, it caught the attention of Legrand Wolfe, and soon Carnal came a-calling. Tune in to hear the whole story! Presented by Fleshbot
    55m 41s
  • Explicit

    Things Get Hot with Evan West and Taylor Reign

    18 OCT 2023 · Gay porn hunks Evan West and Taylor Reign stopped by the studio recently for a live chat with fans and Fleshbot Director Alexander and damn did things get hot. These two had such incredible chemistry, they couldn't help but flirt across the table with Alexander stuck as something between a matchmaker, a social lubricant, and a hilarious third wheel. The guys talked at length about their journeys in the adult industry. Evan is a newcomer while Taylor is an ole' pro. They talked about Evan's iconic ass and his love of a sexy daddy. They spoke about Taylor's varied interests in fashion, skincare, and grooming and how he has branched his brand beyond porn. He also gave advice on how to have a long, passionate career in porn. The duo had a fascinating conversation about how sexuality is on a spectrum, and how the lines in porn blur sexuality. The guys also got tons of questions about dating and their romantic and sex lives outside of porn. Find out why Taylor doesn't date other porn stars, what Evan enjoys about escorting outside of porn, and what they use their sex apps for (spoiler, it's rarely to bang). As you can expect, with sparks like these, Taylor Reign and Evan West were in a hurry to get out of the studio and into the bedroom. Presented by Fleshbot
    1h 2m 44s
  • Explicit

    Theo Brady and Jack Waters Talk Love, Dating, & 5 Foot Long Reptiles

    23 AUG 2023 · A new dawn, a new day, a new Fleshbot LIVE with Theo Brady and Jack Waters live and in the flesh. Today's episode is all about twunk appreciation, and our host Alexander is here to do just that. Theo and Jack are no strangers to the camera, but today they are keeping their clothes on and getting all sorts of vulnerable while answering questions live as they come in from their fans. What sorts of inquiries are in store for these two? This podcast is loaded: We're talking love and dating, pansexuality, the importance of oral hygiene, bald eagles, polyamory, crop tops, crop bottoms, and endangered species. Check out this very special installment of Fleshbot LIVE with Theo Brady and Jack Waters. Presented by Fleshbot
    1h 3m 8s
  • Explicit

    King Dwarf & Judas King Talk Butt Stuff, Go-Go for the Gold, & OnlyFans

    25 JUL 2023 · Fleshbot Fan Chat is back and they are pulling out that red carpet for OnlyFans royalties and, hosted by the Queen of the podcast herself This week's co-host is Fleshbot's editor-in-chief Josh aka Aside from being kings in their own rights, King Dwarf and Judas King have both recently taken the crown for Fleshbot Stud of the Month, and rightfully so. With these four deviant creatures of sin, it's only a matter of time before the conversation devolves into sexy chaos. Get your poppers ready... Presented by Fleshbot
    1h 1m 26s
  • Explicit

    Gay Porn's Christian Wilde and Asher Day Get Real

    30 MAY 2023 · Another Fleshbot LIVE is now available, and boy-oh-boy was it a doozy. Our host and Fleshbot X Cybersocket Director Alexander knows his way around a microphone (and then some) and is joined by sexy porn star guests Christian Wilde and Asher Day, and what we wouldn't give to see these two play out the perfect stepdaddy-stepson dynamic duo. What was that? You can over at Adult Time in their new scene Freshman F*ck? F*ck yes. Alexander steers the conversation to the edge and back as the guys share all varieties of juicy secrets and hot goss with us. And of course, Christian and Asher answer questions coming in piping hot from their adoring fans. Presented by Fleshbot
    1h 7m 1s
  • Gay Porn Couple Jkab Ethan Dale and Dean Michaelz Open Up

    1 MAY 2023 · On this fresh installment of Fleshbot LIVE hosted by the lusciously loaded Fleshbot Director Alexander, he is joined by the delicious duo and real-life couple Jkab Ethan Dale and Dean Michaelz. Tune in to witness the wonder that unfolds and get to know these gorgeous guys while they answered fan questions in real-time. Jkab and Dean are full of surprises. Like many modern-day couples between two men, Jkab and Dean decided to open up their relationship because, well, sex is fun. Of course, the two communicate on how to navigate having sex with other people, as any healthy couple does. The boys discuss the logistics (is that the right word?) of loving each other while making love with other people. The long and short of it, these two share the cock with the world while saving the cuddles for each other. Love is love. Jkab and Dean also take a trip down memory lane and share with us a sexcapade or two. Jkab discovered his enthusiasm for exhibitionism while filming his first orgy. He soon realized the excitement that comes along with having a watchful eye on him while taking multiple dicks. Amen, brother, and more power to you. We all hope you are making up for lost time. From taking a peek at your OnlyFans, looks like you're doing just fine. Tune into Fleshbot LIVE to hear the full podcast and every last drop of juicy insight into the salacious lives of Jkab Ethan Dale and Dean Michaelz. They give a fresh spin on the phrase "relationship goals." Who knows, you might just find yourself their next scene partner. Presented by Fleshbot x Cybersocket
    57m 19s
  • Explicit

    Next Door Studio Exclusives Jayden Marcos & Ryder Owens with Director Walden Woods

    22 MAR 2023 · On this episode of Cybersocket Live! We chat with the Boys of Next Door Studios, Exclusives Jayden Marcos and Ryder Owens…taking your fan questions, giving sex tips, and more! We also chat about their early sexuality, getting into the biz, crazy fan interactions, favorite on set moments, how they prepare for a day of filming, what they love most about being in the adult industry, what love and romance look like for them off camera, their famous body parts, and what they loved most about working together for Next Door’s latest scene: Service Station: Premium Air….we also get a surprised drop in from porn director Walden Woods who gives us a behind the scenes look at working with these guys…with host Alexander. Presented by Fleshbot x Cybersocket
    54m 6s
  • Explicit

    Falcon Exclusive Max Konnor & Porn Stud AJ Sloan

    20 FEB 2023 · On this episode of Cybersocket LIVE! we chat with Falcon Exclusive and multi award winning adult star Max Konnor as we chat about his porn beginnings, growing up in conservative Georgia, the realities of the industry, diversity in the adult world, love and dating, his time on X Rated: NYC, and more! with guest co-host porn newbie and Fleshbot writer AJ Sloan and your host, Alexander. Presented by Fleshbot x Cybersocket
    1h 59s

Unzipped...presented by is your ultimate resource to gay erotica featuring porn star interviews, hot topics, adult industry behind the scenes, and more. For and by the community for over...

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Unzipped...presented by is your ultimate resource to gay erotica featuring porn star interviews, hot topics, adult industry behind the scenes, and more. For and by the community for over 25 years. Plug In. Get Off.
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