Crafting Success Beyond the Mindset Hype with Justin Wenzel

May 14, 2024 · 1h 14m 32s
Crafting Success Beyond the Mindset Hype with Justin Wenzel

Join me, John Gafford, as I bring you an episode packed with the raw energy and insights of Justin Wenzel, the man who towers in the realms of personal training,...

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Join me, John Gafford, as I bring you an episode packed with the raw energy and insights of Justin Wenzel, the man who towers in the realms of personal training, coaching, and business acumen. Listen in as Justin shares his disdain for the term 'mindset coach' and why he prefers to be seen as an 'application coach,' driving home the importance of action over mere motivation. Our conversation spans the discovery of surprising family histories to the transformative power of positive reinforcement in business and life. You won't want to miss the stories and strategies that could change the way you approach success.
In this energetic session, we reminisce about the lighter side of entrepreneurship, from hosting company Christmas parties to college punk rock bands, and the transition to tackle more serious themes like the impact of video games on youth and the journey from addiction to redemption. You'll hear firsthand about the challenges of real estate business strategies, reputation management, and the sheer grit it takes to make it in competitive industries. And if you've ever wondered about the value of personal branding and high-ticket sales, this episode lays it all out with personal anecdotes that are as informative as they are entertaining.

Wrapping up, we discuss the power of high-ticket coaching, the subtleties of persuasive copywriting, and the real deal behind business mentoring and time valuation. Justin offers his unfiltered experiences and wisdom on these topics, providing a treasure trove of advice for anyone looking to elevate their entrepreneurial game. Whether you're in real estate, sales, or just looking for that next level of personal growth, there's something in this episode for you. Tune in and take a step towards escaping the drift of the ordinary, and don't forget to connect with Justin for coaching that cuts through the noise and gets straight to action.

(03:22 - 04:33) The Ultimate Entrepreneur Bro 
(71 Seconds)
(08:43 - 09:37) Struggles and Triumphs in Car Dealership (53 Seconds)
(21:44 - 22:39) Mike Ness Influence on Success (55 Seconds)
(25:56 - 26:43) Impact of Screen Time on Children (47 Seconds)
(31:39 - 32:13) Transitioning Careers and Personal Success (34 Seconds)
(35:15 - 36:11) Awakening Through Self-Reflection (56 Seconds)
(40:19 - 41:16) Online Coaching Sales Experience (57 Seconds)
(45:28 - 46:41) Securing Names for Future Use (73 Seconds)
(50:19 - 51:06) Online Coaching Success Story (46 Seconds)
(01:09:00 - 01:10:53) Marketing Bingo and Business Mentoring (113 Seconds)

(00:04) The Ultimate Entrepreneur Bro

(11:17) Discovery of Family History and Connections
(15:50) Holiday Party and Punk Rock Memories
(24:39) Video Game Impact on Kids
(27:58) Real Estate Business Strategies and Success
(32:34) Journey to Recovery and Redemption
(41:49) High Ticket Sales and Personal Branding
(47:46) High-Ticket Coaching and Copywriting Insights
(55:44) Real Estate Business and Reputation Management
(01:05:45) Motivating Through Positive Reinforcement
(01:09:00) Business Mentoring and Time Valuation
(01:13:45) Escaping the Drift Podcast Update

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